I’m Dave Edwards,  a 29 year old self confessed travel and adventure addict that has, at present, been to 50 countries over 6 continents. Some people will go travelling and come home feeling like they’ve done what they set out to achieve. However, some people are like me and have a never ending hunger for more. Each time wanting to go somewhere different, more challenging and with less tourists…

My passion for travel was ignited at a very young age, my reception class teacher would travel to the far east in the summer holidays to see her daughter and would come back to school and tell all us wide eyed 5 year old’s about her adventures on the Great Wall of China, it seemed like a million miles away to us back then. Two years later my teacher at the time Mrs Porter was leaving school that year to sail around the world with her husband and every now and then I’d get a postcard from them with some exotic location on the front. I wanted to have adventures like this when I grew up.

Although at the time I probably didn’t really appreciate it enough,  I was lucky that my parents owned a caravan. Most weekends we’d finish school and go away in the rather fetching sage green tin can. Sometimes it would be sunny, often it would rain, but it meant that each and every weekend I was visiting somewhere I’d not been, seeing something different and learning about something new. I was lucky enough to spend the majority of the six week school holidays touring around France in the caravan, to me the freedom was great, we were always on the move and rarely stayed in one place more than a few days and this has definitely stuck with me and is true of the way I still travel.

The older I got the more I wanted to travel and explore the world on my own. The first time I really remember thinking about this was during a rather boring Geography class when I was about 13. My mind wandered off somewhere, as it frequently does, and a picture in a text book caught my eye, it was of the Taj Mahal. I remember thinking that one day, when this boring school stuff was out of the way I was going to travel the world and visit the Taj Mahal. Little did I know that 15 years later I’d have been twice!

I did the usual thing; College, University, Girlfriend and my dream of backpacking around the world was still there but it was fading away. I wanted to go, I had waited so long, but it just didn’t seem like it was ever really going to happen. But one afternoon after an especially tedious bar shift in my local pub I decided to throw caution to the wind and go, I went to enquire about flights and came home with a round the world ticket and I have never looked back.

Travel is like my nicotine, I need a small dose of it each day, whether that be planning my own or someone else’s trip, flicking through a Lonely Planet or just looking at some of my photos on the wall and remembering the memories. If for whatever reason you have stumbled upon my Blog and are thinking about going travelling but have some doubts, my advice to you is to just go, if you really don’t like it and it isn’t for you, you can always fly home but I bet you right now that you’ll love it. The question is, how addicted will you get?

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