Budapest to Sibiu

I woke everyone up at 7and we were on the road by 8am driving through Budapest rush hour. With Don at the wheel and me navigating we were out of the city by 9:30 and on the highway heading towards Romania. The closer we got to Romania the shitter the roads got and as we hit the border there was a noticeable change in the way the houses and people looked. Villages looked to be made from leftover bricks and old corrugated tin roofing, there was a good number of donkey powered carts too, however as we crossed the border we also saw two Lambourghinis, a Porsche and a Corvette opening up and giving it the beans as they entered Romanian soil… Seems like there’s a big difference between the wealthy and the poor here.
First impressions of Romania were that the place looked a bit grim, we had barely left the border when we got stuck in a huge traffic jam which seemed to not be moving at all. Cale was driving today so Don and I jumped out to walk up the road and see what the problem was, we must have walked for a good mile before we discovered the source of the problem, a train line. Now wherever you live usually the klaxon sounds, the barrier drops and then no more than a minute later a train comes flying passed, barrier raises and then away you go again, right? Well no, not in Romania, the klaxon sounds, everyone stops dead and then 5 minutes later you see this coloured dot on the horizon crawling its way towards you. So much so that after the third train passed us by Don decided he was going to race it… He ran along side the train and was keeping up with it.. That’s how slow they were! We hung around laughing at the Romanian ‘Bullet’ trains whilst we waited on Cale and the gang to catch us up, when they finally did catch us up we cleared the lines and we were making good time again.
In true Dixie Chicken style we were hot footing it across Romania to Sibiu for a party! Sarah had been in touch with some Romanian lady called Lilliana and she had arranged for us to sleep in an old fortified church just outside of Sibiu in a place called Cristian.
Arriving just after dark we squeezed the bus through the entrance to the church and dumped our bags before congregating in the kitchen for a welcome shot being offered to us by the ladies from the church. They said it was schnapps, but it was like no schnapps I’ve ever had, it was the sort that makes your throat burn! Lilliana then sorted us out taxis to the party at Ursus Cotton Pub in Sibiu, a smart little bar made even better by the fact there was free beer on tap, needless to say I drank my body weight in beer, danced on table tops like a fool, crashed a Romanian hen party, gave the strippers a run for their money and then retired to bed. Absolutely brilliant night catching up with other ralliers and the free beer just made it even better.

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