Meeting the clucking chickens

The day had arrived, the day that all the chickens unite. In true Dixie Chicken style we didn’t meet at a motorway services over an overpriced Burger King, we met at a 14th Century Medieval castle, Bodiam Castle in East Sussex. It’s not any old castle though, it’s a moated castle, with a draw bridge and now an American School Bus!

Some of the chickens had got together a few days ago and so have already gotten to know one and other, I on the other hand was arriving the day before launch day. Why? Well because Amy, who’s riding the bus to the Ukraine with me, invited us all to her birthday party. Where the others declined the offer, Caroline and I naturally excepted, I don’t like to miss a party, especially one with Bouncy Castles, jelly and ice cream… Oh and copious amounts of beer!
Waking up with a mixture of a sugar high and a hangover we repacked and headed to meet the rest of the chickens, would we all get along, who knows? We’re a real mix of people and ages but we do have one thing in common, the need for adventure. African flashbacks of being cramped in a tro-tro came and went as we tried to squeeze 4 of us plus our gear into the very hot car as we headed for Bodiam. Windows down and tunes a-blazing we cruised down to Bodium to meet the gang, it was pretty easy to spot them… There’s only one team stupid enough to drive around the world in a school bus. We did the obligatory hellos then went to get beer need I go on? Beers, chicken masks and tuxedo shirts adorned and we were soon partying in Bodium Castle with a string group and fair maidens serving mead and doing palm readings. One fair maiden told me she could also read testicles, I declined the offer and gave her my palm instead. She then spent the next 10 minutes telling me that on this trip I’d meet a lady, a portly lady, one who would not be in it for a relationship, but for sheer passionate sex in a tent… She meant herself… Again, I declined and instead went to get another beer and partied into the small hours whilst giving tours of the bus to other teams who wanted a look around. 
Crawling into my tent slightly inebriated meant I was soon asleep and dreaming of launch day, we’re headed east and this bus won’t be looking back. Image

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