The Bus Arrives

The day is fast approaching, an elite team of 14 travellers and one short bus will soon converge in Bodiam Castle on the south coast of these fine shores ready to take on the world (or in my case, Europe).

The bus has arrived safe and sound in Southampton port, only some shit bag stole the stereo out of it. Thankfully, some top lad at Customs has sorted us out with one for the trip which is very good of him. What good is a road trip without a backing track? Don, the chief driver, mechanic and all round main man has arrived and cleared the bus through customs with the help of Will and Tommy and so the motley crew is slowly forming. As I type this ‘Mother Hen’, Sarah and Chris are on separate planes on their way over the Atlantic, Sarita is probably somewhere over central Europe and Johnny is probably bouncing up and down on a chair somewhere suffering from extreme giddiness overload! Me, well I’d taken the day off today to pack and do some last minute things, currently I have ticked precisely zero of those things off my list… bloody Game of Thrones!!

For me, there’s just 2 days to go until I meet up with Caroline and Amy for Amy’s birthday party (figured it made sense to start as I mean to go on… with a party) and the three of us will be joining the rest of them at the Castle on Saturday. It’s all rather exciting. Now where’s my tent…..?


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