West African Highlights Video

I’ve been back from West Africa for a few weeks now and I’ve finally managed to wash out the red African dirt and stop sweating, I must say it’s very nice to feel clean again. Having had some time to reflect and look back on my trip I’ve realised that even the pant filling moment of the bus crash would make it into my highlights, funny isn’t it, the times when it looks like everything has gone wrong are often turn out to be the best story! So it made me think a bit more about what else would’ve made it to my West African travel highlights. Here are my top 10 highlights and a short, not very good (filmed on an iPhone), video of them too.

1. Surprising Gen and seeing her for the first time in 6 months.

2. First Experience of a Tro-Tro park, Medina, Accra.

3. Witnessing life in Ganvié stilt village, Benin.

4. Seeing a pair of Cheetah’s in Parc National De Penjari, Benin.

5. The day I nearly died on a Tro-Tro from Tatale-Tamale, Ghana.

6. Getting up close and personal with African Elephants in Mole N.P, Ghana

7. Having a motorbike for a few days and riding to the Sindou Peaks, Burkina Faso

8. Having my own private island for a few days, Lou Moon Lodge, Axim, Ghana

9. Learning about the African slave trade at Cape Coast Castle, Ghana

10, Making it home alive! (just kidding!)

One response to “West African Highlights Video

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