Arriving back in Accra was a huge attack of the senses. I’d almost forgotten how busy a city Accra was. There are almost 2.5 million people said to be living in urban Accra and I can tell you, it felt like they were all stood in Kaneshi Circle when we arrived back. Pushing and shoving our way through the crowds to the taxis I set Gen on to the drivers to negotiate a price to Legon, where the University is. Having spent the last six months in Accra, she knew how much it cost to get there and this white girl was not taking any prisoners! “I’m paying this much”, “Haha, no Charley, that’s too much”… credit where it’s due, we got a ride at the price Gen demanded… That girl is tenacious, I love her!
Sorting out a room back in the International Student Hostel at the University took longer than expected but we got there in the end, we spent the evening chilling out under the fans watching movies on the laptop before catching an early night with hope of heading down to Kokrobite the next morning.
Waking up to a gloriously sunny day with clear skies there was no question, we were spending our last day on the beach! We grabbed the essentials and headed out to get a tro-tro an hour or so later we arrived at Kokrobite Beach, considering it is so close to Accra it was lovely, white sandy beaches and warm water, perfect. There was definitely more of a backpacker vibe there. There were little beach side huts selling t-shirts and other various Ghanaian gifts and the beach was full of bikini clad white girls. Naturally I made sure Gen and I plotted up close by so that whilst she was reading I could do some sight seeing! Turned out that we actually ended up next to the funniest Ghanaian lads ever, they were sat perving and passing comment on which ones they liked the best and they had me in stitches all afternoon. We didn’t really do much other than relax in the sun and swim really and before we knew it, it was time to head back to the University for our last night in Ghana. I couldn’t believe how long ago it had seemed since we left Accra the first time headed for Lomé. It had been five weeks, but it seemed forever ago, we’d done and seen so much in that time. We don’t fly until late tomorrow though so there is always time to squeeze in something else.

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