Relaxing in Busua

A few days in Bosomtwe had really recharged our batteries; the last few weeks from northern Benin, Togo, Ghana and into Burkina and back had been great fun and a real eye opener but had been equally exhausting too. The heat had been relentless, the journey’s had been epic, there’d been some high points and there had been some pretty scary death defying low points. All in all though we’d loved it, Burkina especially, but now with just over a week to go we were in need of the ‘holiday’ part of our trip and so were heading to the coast for the final run back in to Accra before flying home on the 1st July.

This journey was to Busua on the southern coast of Ghana and I must say it was largely uneventful. We’d booked on the STC bus, which turned out to be an absolute treat, loads of room, comfy seats and air con! We arrived at the STC stop in Takoradi late in the afternoon and sorted a cab out to Busua, by the time we reached Busua, it was dark and it looked like there had been a power cut, everything was black. In actual fact, there hadn’t been a power cut, it was just that our hostel was saving power because they had no other guests staying with them that night. We managed to get a key for a little hut and for them to turn the power on so we could see what we were doing before we went across the road to get some dinner and going to bed straight after.

The next few days were spent being repeatedly accosted by Dan the Pancake Man, Frank the Juice Man and Francis the Flour Bag Man…. I’d explain what they sold, but I guess their names are fairly self explanatory. They introduce themselves as that, it’s not something I made up, they are quite the characters! They had quite a lot of our business; the rest of it was shared out up and down the beach in the various different beach bars and restaurants. We’ve had a great few days relaxing in the sunshine here but it’s now time to move on yet again as we’ve decided to splurge and head to a place which, if you believe the guide book, sounds amazing. As ever, we’ll keep you posted.

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