Lake Bosomtwe

I had gone to bed the night before feeling like utter crap, I’d woken up feeling better, I was now just feeling crap! We had breakfast and headed down to the local tro-tro park to catch one out to Bosomtwe. Lake Bosomtwe was formed from an ancient meteor impact which left a crater some 5 miles across and from what we can gather, it is actually the only natural lake in Ghana. Lake Volta in the east of the country which is actually a reservoir, not just any reservoir though, one which by surface area is considered the largest in the world! We were headed to Bosomtwe for a few days of relaxation, we’d got ourselves a nice hut by the lake and were planning on doing nothing other than reading and relaxing in the sunshine… and getting better. I could try to tell you what we did whilst we were there but it really isn’t that interesting so I shall shut up… I did get better though!

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