After a pretty quiet night in Kumasi due to the torrential rain, Gen and I were up and about early only the reason we were up and about early was because I was sick and there wasn’t a door or a full height wall enclosing the toilet. It wasn’t pleasant but we’ve all been there before and I decided to just pack some toilet paper in my shorts pocket and head out to see the city. Bad call, It was high 30’s and 90% humidity and that certainly doesn’t help you feel any better, the mixture of that and being sick meant that I was exhausted walking up the slightest of inclines. To make matters worse, the map in our Bradt guide was simply useless and navigating our way to the arts market was a lot harder than we had thought. We did eventually make it though and I have to say I was impressed, there was some pretty cool pieces of artwork that Gen and I were interested in and which we eventually bought after some hard negotiating. We wandered around some more and stopped by a café for some lunch, only I wasn’t really feeling it. I was starting to feel bloody awful, my stomach was cramping, I was ridiculously hot and felt pretty weak and pathetic in general so we headed back to the hostel and played cards all afternoon whilst I took some antibiotics to try to tackle whatever was going on inside my stomach. I had an early night in hope that I’d feel better ready for tomorrow when we headed to Lake Bosomtwe for a few days of relaxing by the lake and not going anywhere.

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