Buses to the Border

We had a fairly lazy morning as the bus didn’t depart Banfora until around 11am. We were assured that we’d be in Hamele for mid afternoon and would be easily able to pick up a taxi from the border to Wa. I was sceptical, but hopeful at the same time, I just didn’t want to have a close encounter with death on this journey!

Having waited around in the bus station for an hour or so we boarded the bus and to my absolute delight it had air conditioning, I was in heaven, It was nice to feel cold again! We set off in the direction of Hamele, or so we thought, in actual fact we were headed back to Bobo. They definitely didn’t explain that to me when I bought the tickets and as we pulled into Bobo we were told to get off and wait for our next bus… definitely wasn’t told that! Thankfully we only had to wait an hour before our bus to Hamele departed, but sadly, this one didn’t have air con. We’d been going hours and we had no idea where we were, I switched the GPS on on my iPhone and upsettingly we were less than half way there. By now it was mid afternoon and we were already thinking things wouldn’t go to plan, Gen started worrying about travelling at night and I have to admit, I did agree with her, especially after our last experience. I distracted myself by counting up all our remaining CFA and then every time the bus stopped I bought some random item of food, some were good, most were bad, but I got rid of all the change and couldn’t complain I was hungry!

It was around 6pm when we arrived at the border in Hamele and it was starting to go dark, there was no obvious border, we couldn’t see any form of immigration post but we eventually managed to find it. By the time we had found it though it was pitch black and we were filling out forms by torchlight before we wandered off into the darkness again in search of Ghana. We knew it wasn’t far, but when you can’t see where you are going and you’re just wandering down a road we started to doubt we were going the right way. Thankfully we bumped into a Ghanaian chap from Hamele who pointed us in the right direction. Passports stamped and back in English speaking Ghana we tried to see if we could get a taxi to Wa, the resounding answer, no chance. Luckily though our new Ghanaian friend showed us to a place where we could crash for the evening, took me to a place to buy a bus ticket for the following morning and then showed us a house which doubled up as a bar. Without his help there would be no way we’d have figured all that out in the dark so we all sat down together and enjoyed a beer before hitting the sack and trying to sleep for a few hours before we got up at 3:30 am to catch the bus…. I hate mornings!

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