Mole – Bolgatanga

So after much discussion we decided to go back the way we came, not something I’m usually too keen on but after seeing as how I quite liked my right knee I figured it’s better the devil you know and we’d been told the road to Wa wasn’t any better and was quite possibly worse. We had to get on the bus at 4am, it was pitch black, freezing cold and I was grumpy, as we started bouncing our way down the road to Larabanga I knew it was going to be a long day.

Thankfully, the sun had started to rise and I’d started to warm up, that made it at least partly bearable, the fact that I felt like I was in a sand blaster wasn’t going to change though and after 6 hours of being pelted by bits of dirt and dust and the odd fish bone from the people in front we arrived back in that arid hole, Tamale. Guess what? Yep, still no water, I wasn’t up for staying here another night. As we were getting our bags off the bus I befriended a young lad who offered to show us where the tro tro park was and after dusting off our bags, and cleaning the oil off our bags as best we could we followed this young boy to the tro tro park. He didn’t seem to want any cash for his directions, but we gave him some anyway. Tickets to Bolgatanga purchased we climbed aboard a bus that bared a remarkable resemblance to the ‘Death Bus’ we’d caught to Tamale previously. We left Tamale an hour before the bus, yet the bus beat us to Bolga by a matter of minutes, I don’t really know how that happened, but all in all it wasn’t a bad trip, once I’d managed to get the sleeping man to stop leaning on me I was moderately comfortable and Gen and I played what we call ‘Superstar DJ’ on the iPod and we soon got there. For those of you interested in what Superstar DJ is, you basically get a headphone splitter, so you both listen to the same iPod and then you take it in turn to choose a song, each song has to be as good or better than the one before and linked in some way either by genre, or title to the previous. Think what you like of it, but it helps pass the time!

Arriving in Bolga everyone behind me was pushing trying to get off the bus, even though I had no chance of getting off because everyone else was still in front of me I was still getting shouted at to move! I have to be honest, I wasn’t having a good day, for some reason I was in a real mood, people were annoying me, this was made worse by catching my leg on a seat on the way off the tro tro and I was pushed over the edge when I asked how much it would cost to go to our guest house which I knew was only a ten minute walk away and I got quoted some extortionate price. I threw my pack on my back “Come on Gen, we’ll f*%king walk!” It was in the high 30’s and the sweat was pouring off me but I’d had enough, I couldn’t be arsed arguing over the price of a taxi when I didn’t even need one. Sure enough 10 minutes later we arrived at the guest house to be met by Sean, Gen’s mate from Uni. I had a shower, went for a beer and I calmed down.

That beer turned into about ten beers and before long we were all rather merry and staggering around looking for somewhere that was serving food. We eventually found somewhere, smashed some spaghetti down and then went to bed in a drunken stupor.

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