Uneventful day in Mole

We’d risked life and limb and travelled from Togo to here, Mole National Park, as it is known as Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge and one which has an abundance of Elephants. Sure, we’d seen one in Pendjari, but it was a long way away and we wanted to get closer and see more. We were staying in the rather pricey (for African standards) Mole Motel which was on the top of a large escarpment which overlooked a number of large watering holes. We’d read that you could sit by the pool having a beer and watch the Elephants come down to bathe, it sounded like a good way to wind down and relax after the last two.

We got up first thing in the morning and kitted up for the morning walking safari, at 3 Cedi an hour this was an absolute bargain, that’s only £1 an hour, certainly cheaper than Pendjari! We set off on foot across the escarpment and the first wildlife we saw entertained me greatly, a rather excitable warthog desperately trying to mount a female warthog whilst monkey stood and observed. Naturally I took a photo and we carried on heading down the escarpment and onto the savannah. We saw plenty of monkeys and kob, but we all wanted to see elephants, after two hours of walking we made it back to the motel having seen no elephants at all… gutted! Thankfully we’d decided to stay another day, so we’d have another go tomorrow morning and hope to see some then. The rest of the day we spent in the pool, drinking beers with some Scottish lads we’d befriended on the walk this morning whilst trying to stop thieving monkeys from stealing our sunglasses, sun cream, towels, tomato sauce and anything else they could get their hands on!

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