Arriving in Accra

After a very straightforward flight to Accra with KLM I arrived in Kotoka International Airport at around 8pm. I’d left booking accommodation until quite late as I had been keeping my arrival a secret from Genevieve and didn’t want to ask too many questions on where was good to stay. Anyhow, the night before I’d bagged myself a bed at the Rising Phoenix Magic Beach Resort…. Sounds glam huh? It wasn’t at all. Thankfully they had sorted me out with airport transfers so I was met from the airport by a young lady who escorted me out of the arrival ‘lounge’ and out into the carpark. It was dark and as I’ve said, gone 8pm and walking out of those doors was like walking into a sauna, hot doesn’t even cut it! I was ushered into the back of a taxi and we shot off through the chaotic streets of Accra, the driving seemed fairly sedate in comparison to some of the driving i’ve witnessed in other countries. 20 mins later I am dropped off at the end of a dirt track and told to walk down the path toward the sea and I’d find the hotel…. *Gulp*. It was pitch black there were dogs everywhere, pot holes and random Ghanaian men staring at me, it wasn’t intimidating in the slightest. I manned up and found the hostel checked my bags in and went straight back out to grab a taxi. Gen had been studying at the University of Ghana for the last 6 months and we’d been keeping in touch via weekly skype chats but she had no idea I was actually in Ghana. I text her and asked her what she was up to, she replied, I’m not feeling well so I’m getting an early night… Marvellous, just what I wanted! Luckily for me, I’d been in touch with her friend Nathalie who managed to drag her out for a few beers with the rest of the Uni lot.

I arrived at the International Student Hostel (ISH) and met up with Andrew who Gen had been living with back in Leeds. Andrew and I exchanged greetings rounded up the troops and headed to Jerry’s bar to surprise Gen. Moments later I walk into Jerry’s to be greeted by a very shocked look and a “What the f@#k are you doing here?” Lovely to see you too Gen! I bought everyone who’d help me keep it a secret a beer and then passed around the chocolate brownies that I’d made and brought with me. They went down a treat, poor bastards hadn’t had proper chocolate for 6 months. The rest of the evening was spent having a few Club Beers and then after a quick hug Gen went back to her Uni accommodation and I went back to mine half an hour away in Accra, which was a bit strange.

On the way home, I came face to face with the notorious Ghanaian Police, who are said to be as corrupt as they come.. not this chap, he was very friendly, I told him that I worked for the Police in the UK, next thing he’s passing me his gun…. “no mate, It’s ok, I don’t want to hold your gun!”. Random evening.

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