Hello world!

Well, I’ve been blogging about my travels for 6 years now but each and every time I’ve done it in the past I’ve used GetJealous.com which I must say is a fantastic user friendly blogging platform which I have recommended to numerous people. I had a lot of fun with my Get Jealous sites and am almost sad to have made the move over to here. The main reason for the move to WordPress? Well I wanted somewhere to keep everything together, my old sites expired after a year and I had to pay to keep them up, each was on a separate address it just made sense to move to here. With a bit of luck I will have more readers on here than just my Mum, Dad, Auntie and her friends.. no offence guys! 😉

For those of you who don’t know me I should probably explain the way I go about blogging. Some bloggers will give you information overload, some will bore you to sleep and some will no doubt be better than me. I blog for pleasure, I don’t do it to make money, although if I thought people wanted to pay me I’d be more than happy to have a go. Because I do it for pleasure and I’m not being paid to advertise, I can tell you my honest opinions on places I’ve been, kit I use, and accommodation I’ve stayed in. To be fair, I’d do that even if I was being paid, no one wants to buy a backpack to find out that when you’ve put 20kg in it the stitching starts to break! Anyhow, back to my point, I do it for fun and because I absolutely love travelling, If in any way shape or form I can help someone or give them advice I will always have a go. I write my posts in a light hearted banter type of way, I try to write as though I’m sat in the pub with you having a pint and telling you about this really hilarious moment when I was on a bus in Nepal and a lady with a couple of chickens and a goat got on and how I later found out that my bag was covered in goat piss. That’s what I would want to read and so that is how I aim to write, if nothing else, I hope I can provide you with a few minutes of light hearted entertainment whilst you are having that morning cup of tea!

If you are here searching for advice on something drop me an email.

2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. I think I am going to have fun following your blog… I appreciate your honesty, and yes, we are pretty much at a pub together right now! I also blog for pleasure! No need to please anyone… the right people will come along and be pleased. Forget the rest! Hope to hear from you!

    • Hey Colleen, thanks for following. It’s all a bit of a work in progress as I bring it all together from my other sites whilst trying to hold down a full time job! Talk about time consuming! Couldn’t agree more, some people will be entertained, some will not, I don’t care about the latter. Well if you ever return to the UK we’ll meet in said up and share stories. Love your blog too by the way, great post on why you ended join Korea. Happy travels 🙂

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