Mototaxi Diaries

Picture this; Al and I are on a dirty, smelly and rather sweaty Indian train, we chose to travel sleeper class with the locals, because that’s just how we like to roll. We’ve been swaying side to side and virtually cuddling the Indian family sat next to us for the last 12 hours and instead of conversation being about how long we have left and how fast we believe we can make it to the nearest bar we start talking about the next adventure. You’d think after the nights sleep we’d just had and the sight of cockroaches climbing up the table leg next to us would be enough to make most people think about having a few months of home comforts before even considering another trip. No, not us, we had dreamt up this ridiculous idea of flying to Peru and borrowing a Mototaxi to drive from top to bottom. Yes, we were well aware that this was an epic 1500 mile journey which would consist of Amazon rain forest, the Andes and the small problem of narco terrorists and banditos. Not put off by that, we decided that once we were home we’d look into the possibility of obtaining our very own mototaxi.

With it’s heart of an Incan God (all 125cc of it), it’s brakes made out of the finest leftover pieces of Guinea Pig and steering that worked faultlessly in straight lines (until Al drove it into a cliff). We skirted around the Amazon, tackled the Andes head on, (literally in some cases), crashed, and broke down numerous times. Not only had we planned to do this for fun, but we were doing this for charity… Below is  a brief video of what went on. The full thing will eventually arrive… I promise!

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