That’s My Little Octopussy!

Seeing as how we were going to be in Udaipur for the next 3 solid days (something that is pretty unusual for us two) we decided to have a lay in. We were up and out by 10am though and had woken the girls up who were also staying in our guesthouse, conveniently Ali had a friend in Udaipur who owned a guesthouse and so had hooked us all up.

Udaipur claims to be India’s most romantic city and is often referred to as the Venice of India. That being the case, what better way to spend our morning than by having a romantic breakfast for two on a sun drenched roof terrace followed by a boat trip on the lake? Sadly though, the girls crashed our party and joined us for breakfast and then came on the boat trip with us too… come on girls, give us some space! The ladies were leaving that afternoon and had spent all day in bed the day before as they were exhausted from the overnight bus.. looked like we’d made the right call with the buses..

We spent the morning wandering about the city palace before heading down to Lake Pichola for our boat trip. We headed out onto the lake dressed in our rather dashing retro life jackets and saw the city palace and lal ghat from the lake before turning back to head towards the Lake Palace. Any of you who have watched the James Bond films will recognise this palace from the film Octopussy (the one with the crocodile suit). You might say that the Indians are quite proud of this fact and it is mentioned roughly every 5 minutes and the restaurants around the city play the movie on a constant loop, all day, everyday. It is now a hotel and so sadly we couldn’t get off and have a look around for Bond’s harem of women but we did get off at Jagniwadars Island which is also used as a set in the film. After a quick look around there we headed back to the city and said our goodbyes to the girls. That was really the end of our sightseeing in Udaipur to be honest. We spent that evening in a very flash candlelit restaurant on the lake having dinner and watching the sunset before heading back to the hostel to be serenaded by Al on the ukulele and then settling down to watch Octopussy… maybe Udaipur was romantic, we were certainly having some Bro-mance!

The following day we did no sightseeing at all and just lounged about on the roof terrace singing songs and basking in the sunshine. Today we’ve also done nothing other than eat and on that note we are off to refuel for the 16 hour overnighter to Mumbai this evening….

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