Another day another night train. Having been on a train from Amritsar to Delhi for most of the day, it wasn’t really what we were looking forward to, but after a pretty damn good pizza and a couple of beers squeezed into the few hours we had in Delhi we felt up for it.

Possibly, we should have had one less beer and set off earlier. Possibly our taxi driver could have driven  a bit quicker. Possibly we were unlucky that we got stuck in traffic as a parade went by. Either way we were cutting it fine. We arrived on the platform at 21:25 for our train at 21:26. Fortunately it was delayed by two whole minutes so there was plenty of time to chill out on the platform. We settled into our beds on the train and were just getting comfortable when about thirty or forty more people crowded onto the train. Indians have no concept of personal space and think nothing of moving your feet out of the way in order to sit on your bed. At one point I had five people sat on my bed whilst I was trying to sleep, Al on the other hand had become an impromptu luggage rack. Unpleasant.

So, Jodhpur… the blue city. It actually is blue! All the buildings are painted and the city is dominated by a huge fort set on the imposing cliffs above it. We found, completely by accident, the friendliest guesthouse ever. It’s called Heaven Guesthouse,  It’s family run and they make you brews and give you biscuits at random. Al and I were even left in charge for a few hours one afternoon! The rooftop restaurant has a breathtaking view of the fort and the Nepalese lad in the kitchen is an absolute demon. Oh, and it has a shower, a HOT shower! Amazing!

We took a walk up to the fort and it’s just as impressive up close. It’s no wonder no one has ever managed to take it. I’m not even going to bother trying to describe it, just look at the photos.

The next day we checked out the Maharaja’s Palace and did a bit of shopping for spices and other things in the maze of bazaars around the old town. Making sure we stopped by the Omelette shop at every opportunity for a masala cheese omelette. Delicious.

All in all its been a wonderfully chilled out few days after all the manic travelling we did from Manali south. Oh and the weather, its warmed up considerably, we’re back in shorts and the thermals are not coming out again on this trip!

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