F#@k The Coin

There wasn’t a lot of the morning left after the night before… We made it out of our room by 11:45 and were on the beach trying the old hair of the dog trick by 12:30. The afternoon was spent wandering up and down the beach avoiding what we now refer to as ‘sea gypsies’ and trying out the beach bars. By sunset we’d made it up to the far end of the beach and we were seriously relaxed/pissed. Maybe it is the beer, the sunshine, the backpack arriving, I don’t know but we were loving beach life in Goa.

Later on we headed out for dinner, which was awesome by the way, and then went down the beach to Bar Cuba again to chill out on the bean bags. We were both knackered and felt like going to bed. We’d heard there was a silent disco going on on a secret beach on the other side of the rocks, but neither of us really fancied it and were too tired to head out there… I know, I know… amazing huh? After seeing lots of people heading down the beach in that direction we were torn between manning up and going to see what it was like, or going to bed. Neither of us could decide so we decided to toss a coin. Two thumbs up on the coin was go party, the elephant side was go to bed.

The coin was tossed and as it was spinning in the air I had already made my decision, it lands and what do you think it said?…. Elephant (bed). There was a brief moment where we both kind of sighed and went Oww, quickly followed up with both of us agreeing that we would not be told what to do by a stupid coin and we would go just because we had been told not to. The saying for the evening then became “F#@k the coin”. Finally finding the place we got our headphones and walked in. It was brilliant, there were 3 different DJ’s from Ibiza all playing different styles of music and you could switch between channels depending on what you fancied. Seeing everyone dance around in headphones was pretty funny. To ensure we enjoyed the evening fully and did not fall asleep, we nailed a shot of Cashew Fenni and then a few beers, before long we were throwing shapes and rocking out on the beach. Every so often we’d take off our headphones and you’d hear no music just a load of people screaming “Wooaaaahh your sex is on fire”. It turned out to be a very good and very messy night.

Scrambling over the rocks on the way back to Palolem beach we caught wind that there was an after party at one of the beach bars. Baring in mind it is already 4:30am we decided in our infinite wisdom that we HAD to find this bar at all costs and introduce them to Party Al and Party Dave. I lost track of time but it was well past 6:30am when we finally made it back to the hotel. I woke up feeling tip top, Al on the other hand, not so much… he’s still in bed feeling like death and its 2pm now!

We have told ourselves that tonight we want a good sleep and a relaxed evening. Will it happen? Who knows, it depends on the coin I guess!

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