Yep, We’re Still In Mumbai

Day three of the trip, and still no sign of Dave’s luggage. Having been told it would arrive yesterday, and then today, and that it was lost and they didn’t know where it was, we have now been assured that they have found it and it will arrive tomorrow. I hope it does – Daveis really starting to smell!

It’s just as well our plans were somewhat vague, because they’ve been blown out of the water already. Having missed out on an exciting 19 hour train journey north to Jodphur, we’ve now decided to do our trip in reverse and are heading south to Goa tomorrow, with our without luggage. It’s costing us quite a lot in extra flights we hadn’t planned to take in order to make up the time we’ve already lost in Mumbai, but at least we’ll still get to do most of what we want to.

We haven’t wasted our time, and we’ve experienced the sights, sounds and (most potently) smells of Mumbai to the max. We’ve been to the tourist spots, wandered through the maze of tiny local areas, and got horrendously drunk with two Indian lads we met in a bar who knew every word of ever classic 90’s rock anthem ever! It’s been fun, but we really need to leave Mumbai tomorrow.

Because we’re now heading south, it’s also time to start loading up on the Malaria tablets.. but of course, Dave’s are in his bag, so we’re taking mine. We’ve got enough for eight days, so as long as Dave’s bag turns up we’ll be fine.

Will Dave’s luggage arrive in time to save the day? Will Alan and Dave run out of Malaria tablets and die horrible painful deaths in a country far from home? Will Dave actually get to change his boxers? Tune in next time to find out!


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