The Death Of A Loved One!

Day one in Koh Tao was spent lazing on the beach and reading and just really winding down from the epic journey we’d had the day before. I was now back running on 100% and was loving being back at the beach. So many sunshine sheila’s… Gen even points them out for me which is a bonus!  😀

It was so unbelievably hot though that we’d only been out in the sun for an hour and I had got burnt. We moved into the shade and it was even hot in the shade, luckily the ocean and the pool were a welcome break from the heat every few minutes and the beer has never tasted so good.

Day two we got up bright and early and headed out on a snorkelling trip of the Island. Koh Tao translates literally as Turtle Island and so we were hoping to see some turtles amongst other things.

Boarding the boat there was around 10 of us and then we were sat around waiting, another 10 came and then another 15 and then even more. We should have known… Thailand love to cram them in like sardines. Never the less we set off in good spirits and stopped at the first place. I got my camera case put silicone on the seal checked there was no dirt or hairs in it and then sealed it. Jumped in the sea and checked it was all ok. Everything was good and so off we went looking at all the fish and floating around the reef. I took a photo of Gen looking down at me, the camera was working the same as always.. …great I was hoping to get some really good photos today.

Next thing I turn my camera on to take a picture of this trumpet fish that is right in front of me and it wouldn’t turn on. I was thinking that was a bit strange as i’d charged it last night. Tried it again… nothing. I lifted my head out of the water and looked into the casing…. there was a puddle of water in the bottom. Not alot maybe only half a centimetre but enough to have managed to (pardon my french) totally fuck my camera. I couldn’t work it out the case was still sealed and it looked fine from the outside. I swam back to the boat as quick as I could with my arm in the air holding my camera. Got back on the boat and hastily undid it took my camera out and whipped out the SD card. Its funny how a camera costs 250quid and a SD card cost 40 yet at that moment in time I couldn’t have cared less about the camera I just wanted my SD card to work.

The rest of the trip was nice but to me it was just a painstakingly long wait until we got back to the bungalow so I could try my card in Gen’s camera. Thankfully it worked… the camera however doesn’t.

Once I realised my SD card still worked thats when it hit me… I’d destroyed my camera…. I was pretty gutted to say the least. I loved it and had managed to get my head around all the functions and i’d had some great shots out of it on my different trips but that was the end of it… it was like losing a loved one!

For some reason I made Gen bring her camera with her, I don’t really know why as she never uses it. But thankfully I did, I may have lost my beloved camera but at least we haven’t lost the ability to capture the last few days of our trip.

Day Three, today.. We spent today sorting out how we would get back to Bangkok and made sure this time we wouldn’t have to go through all the hassle we had last time. We made a point of telling them we wanted the fast boat to Chumphon and no other and so fingers crossed its all sorted and we’re leaving at 10am tomorrow and should be back in Bangkok by 20:30 tomorrow night. Which leaves us one last evening on the Khao San and a morning of shopping before we head back to the buzzing metropolis which is Garstang.

I doubt very much there will be any more additions to this blog so thanks for keeping in touch with us. See you all soon.

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