The Epic Journey To Koh Tao

A delayed flight and a half hour wait for a coach, we arrived in Bangkok around half 2. We headed straight for a travel agent and tried to book a bus and boat to Koh Tao that night. That took all of two minutes and we were told to leave our things in the shop and come back at 6pm.

After wasting a few hours doing some more shopping having dinner and a beer it was soon 6pm and we were boarding our VIP sleeper coach to the port where we would be catching a quick ferry over to Koh Tao… or at least thats what we thought.

We both got our heads down and slept for most of the journey to Chumphon where the port was. 6am and the coach stops and we’re all kicked off at the side of the road where there is nothing more than a little shack and a toilet you had to pay to use. I can tell you now, I wish I hadn’t paid for the privilage… It wasn’t pretty! Some random guy came around asking us all where we were heading and then wrote on a small sticker which he then slammed on my chest yet strangely enough seemed to be more gentle with the women and took a little longer over doing it. Perve… can’t blame him though.. i’d have been the same! ūüėČ

We’d been sitting there an hour or so when Gen pointed out that she’d seen a sign saying Surathani. Surathani was over 150km further south than the place we were expecting to be dropped off at and really nowhere near to Koh Tao.

A pick up hurtled up along side the shack and we were urgently pushed onto the back of it and drove off with no explanation of what was going on. Going with the flow we were then dropped off at another bigger shack only this time this one had more people and more buses.

Sitting around we clocked on to what was happening. For some bizarre reason we now had to catch a bus to the pier which was an hour away and then a boat to Koh Samui which was 1 and a half hours a boat to Koh Phangan which was another 45mins away and then change boat and sail another 1 and a half hours to Koh Tao. All distance that we really needn’t have had to cover.

Sitting waiting for the coach to the pier I started to feel really strange and not very well at all. I was feeling sick but yet hadn’t really eaten anything since the day before and wasn’t sure what it would be. Getting on the bus I sat down feeling really really rough. As the bus slowly bumped and wobbled out of the car park that was it for me… I was out of my seat and running towards the door. Unfortunately I didn’t quite make it and¬†ended up¬† throwing up all over the floor right next to the door. Luckily I’d managed to avoid hitting anyone but myself.

The driver had no intention of stopping though and told me to clean it up with a bottle of water and then sit in the seat next to him by the door. Quite frankly I was happy I didn’t need to go back to my seat the¬†walk of shame back up the bus would’ve been gutting. Thankfully the bus was a bit of a banger and there was a bit of a hole in the floor by the door so i was able to clean it all up and sit down and sort my shit out for the rest of the journey.

Strangely I felt totally fine after that and I must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew we were at the pier. As soon as I grabbed my pack and got it on my back as we started embarking the boat I knew that my elation of getting it all over and done with was soon to be short lived. Positioning myself strategically near to a toilet we set sail for Koh Samui. I was feeling pretty shitty by this point and after a few false alarms I made a mad dash for the bathroom and all I will say is thank god that the engine noise was loud. I’ve never felt so terrible in my life. Worst of all because I hadn’t eaten It was just hurting.

Anyways back to my seat a little sleep and soon we were in Koh Samui and heading off to Koh Phangan. Changing boats I was starting to feel slightly better and once on the last boat I braved a can of Diet Coke and that seemed to sort me right out. Gen said “I knew Dave was back the moment I saw you catching a perve on that Scandanavian girl” haha she knows me all to well..

At long last we arrived in Koh Tao and it was blisteringly hot. We got¬† pick up to a resort we’d fancied staying in, checked into a luxury bungalow and kicked back for a bit around the pool.

Later I had a shower and a nap to try to fully recover whilst Gen went on a reconnesance mission of all the beachside restraunts in search of somewhere to have her dinner. An hour or so later she arrived with¬†a big smile on her face. She’d found a place that did BBQ’d Prawns..

We went there for dinner and Gen nailed her prawns and half of my dinner too seeing as how I didn’t really fancy eating too much too soon. I must not have been too well though as I chose Barracuda for my dinner (I thought how proud Ivor and Jo would be) but as tasty as it was I just couldn’t finish it.

Soon after dinner we went to bed exhausted. It had been a long hard day.

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