Missing the Mekong for Mike!!

Having looked around at things to do in HCMC we decided we’d go to the Mekong Delta for the day and spend some time on a boat going up and down the jungle lined rivers. It all seemed like a great idea… unitl….

Turned out that the cyst that was on Gen’s back that I had nicknamed “Mike the Mountain”  as it had continued to grow throughout the trip had now reached the point of no return. It was now swollen and red around it and was starting to look like it was oozing. Not very nice to look at let me tell you.

As it turned out we decided to miss the Mekong so that we could go to the hospital and get Mike seen to.

Having found the best private medical centre in HCMC we headed out to sort out an appointment. Once we had an appointment we had a few hours to kill and so had a wander about in the humid heat of the city before deciding that the air conditioned New York Dessert Factory looked like a good place to stop for a few hours. A slice of Cheesecake later and it was about time for the appointment. As Gen sat waiting I was begining to lose the blood circulation in my hand but before long she was shown into a room to wait for the doctor.

As she sat there waiting a small Asian man walked into the room with a kind of flash light on his head, long white lab coat on which was covered in blood and a rusty scalpel in his hand whilst giving her a toothy grin…….. she soon snapped out of it though and the person that really walked in was a rather well dressed Doctor called Joe.

He advised her to take some antibiotics and then get it seen to again when we returned home. Having picked up her perscription of massive antibiotic tablets we then headed to the nearest bar to celebrate the fact that there were no rusty scalpels involved and that Gen had left with her arm intact. I think she’d got a little nervous, not that I blame her.

Turned out that the Family Medical Practice in HCMC really was a the best in the city and it was comforting to see that all the doctors were actually westerners and could understand what you said.

A few well deserved beers later and Gen and I were at  a Bia Hoi joint, Beer Hoi is the cheapest draught lager in Vietnam at approximately 11,000 Dong a litre which is only 35 pence. It tastes suprisingly good and even better after a couple of litres. After a few of them it was decided we were heading to Bangkok tomorrow and then onto Koh Tao for a few days on the beach. We just needed to sort out getting into Bangkok and getting down to a port and then on a boat and then to Koh Tao…. Easy!?!!?!?!

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