A day on the waterfront

Finally getting everything sorted out at our last fitting we had a day to kill in Hoi An. We had noticed that the river had gone back and that now you could walk up and down the waterfront. We went for a few drinks and some lunch in a nice place on the river bank and then went to do a bit of sightseeing.

We mostly just wandered about though and looked at the old buildings. Hoi An is a stunning place and when the sun is shining it looks great. After a bit more shopping at the market we had to go and collect all our  purchases and wonder how on earth we were going to fit them all into our backpacks. Turns out we’d bought quite alot!!

Having pushed and shoved until it all went in we then walked back down to the river bank via the Japanese covered bridge which was quite nice. Having still got about 8 hours left to kill until we took the taxi to the airport we spent the rest of the afternoon taking photo’s and visiting the various different cafes on each side of the river. Not to mention the obligatory stops at the great lantern shops. They really are eye catching once it goes dark.

Back to the hotel to collect our bags and make sure they didn’t weigh too much and then it was sit tight and wait for our taxi to come and collect us. Tonight we are flying with JetStar to Ho Chi Minh City, regretably missing out the beach towns along the coast as we’d been checking the weather and the winds and rain was still coming. Not to worry though, plan F is in effect now and i’m sure it will be equally as enjoyable.

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