Typhoon Hits Vietnam

We heard today that there has been a devastating typhoon hit central Vietnam and killed approximately 90 people. It all seems to have gone on south of us and we’re perfectly fine, just a little bit soggy.

It appears that some of the places we were hoping to visit have been effected badly by the flooding that this typhoon has brought with it and the weather forcast for the next week or so is not looking good and neither is the state of the beaches we were hoping to spend our last few days relaxing on.

This looks like it may call an early halt to our Vietnam trip, but we are currently working on a plan B, C and even D. God knows where we’ll end up, but we’ll certainly let you know. Either way we will probably have to head south through it all anyway to get to Ho Chi Minh so that we can leave the country…….

Bad times! :o(

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