Having had a rather good nights sleep despite nearly falling off my bed a few times in the night we arrived in the old imperial capital of Hue bright and early.

We’d read in the Lonely Planet that Hue was terrible for getting hassle and that was the last thing we wanted after a night on the train. Putting on a brave face we jumped off the train and headed to the exit putting to good use the Vietnamese version of “No Thanks” I’d learnt that night!!

Luckily we blagged a free lift to the hotel that we were planning on staying at and so we were pretty happy about that. Once checked in and showered we headed out on foot to do some sightseeing. Hue is quite a large city, the most part of which is within a citadel. So we headed straight for the city walls whilst fending off a few offers for cyclo’s and xe om’s. The sights were ok, but I have to say I think we were both expecting them to be a little bit more impressive. They boast about the highest flagpole in Vietnam… Yeah its pretty tall and thats lovely, but its not really what i’m interested in!! We entered the City Palace which is like a citadel within a citadel and looked around some of the emporor’s pagodas and meeting rooms, but for the most part it had all been destroyed during various wars and what was still there wasn’t particularly well maintained. As we were walking about the palace we felt a few specks of rain and so started to make for cover. Seconds later, there was a torrential downpour and we were running as fast as we could but were still getting soaked. Cue unhappy faces!!!

Sitting on the steps of the Palace we waited it out and it died down after about half an hour. Gen then decided she wanted to go and jump in the puddles and so after getting even more wet we headed out to the big market just accross the bridge from us.

We’d been told that you could get anything you wanted from these markets and I don’t think that they were lying either there was wall to wall stuff everywhere. Nothing I wanted though hahaha.

Then we got the call from Gen’s stomach… it was hungry and in need of beer again so we headed to a little cafe and had the essential Vietnamese fried spring rolls which are fantastic and some beers. We spent the rest of the afternoon having a snooze and relaxing in our room as it had started to rain again.

In the evening we headed out to a little restaurant a few streets up and had dinner washed down with a taste of the whole of the beer menu!

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