Bangkok to Hanoi

After a bit of a lay in we got up and headed out to do a quick bit of sightseeing before we flew to Hanoi in the afternoon.

First stop was the Grand Palace, we managed to sort ourselves out a tuk tuk to the palace without any stops at any taylors which was a nice change and so arrived at the Palace quickly. After donning some rather lovely trousers provided to me by the ticket counter to cover my legs we headed in for a look around. It was really hot so we didn’t hang around too much then left and headed to Wat Pho to look at the large reclining Buddha.

Sightseeing… Done! Now for the flight to Hanoi.

Gate change after gate change we were finally en route to Hanoi. We were about an hour late landing and by now it was about 10pm. We caught a little mini bus to the city as we’d read that it was the cheapest way to get there without being ripped off. Something which apparently happens an awfull lot in Vietnam. As we were heading down their equivelant of a motorway we came accross a traffic jam, not that it bothered our driver he just did a U turn in the middle of three lanes of traffic and started to drive head on through the on coming traffic. You had to just laugh… otherwise you’d cry!

Eventually we arrived safe and sound in the old quarter of Hanoi. It was all very hectic there was traffic everywhere and so we set off tentitively in search of a hotel to stay in for the night. We learnt quickly that the way to cross the road in Vietnam was to just walk out into the road and look at the oncoming traffic and let them avoid you. If you tried to cross in any other way you’d never get accross..

Finally making it to the hotel we’d planned on staying in we found it was closed. We were getting hot, tired and hungry by this point and so were in desperate need of a room to stay in. Although it was nearing 12am and everything seemed to be shutting up for the night.

We found a place that was still open got to our room and dumped our bags before heading out in search of food. Unfortunately everything was closed by now and so we went to bed, two unhappy travellers…(well one really… Gen)

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