The Start Of The Adventure

So, having packed up and arrived at the airport, we checked in and were getting excited about our next adventure. The thought of the 16hr journey ahead of us though was kind of a bummer. The first stint of the flight was pretty horrendous, Emirates claim to be one of the best airlines in the world… however our experience whilst flying to Dubai was nothing to write home about. For some reason all the seats had some kind of extra bit in the centre of the seat which was perfectly positioned so that it would cut off the blood supply to my legs every time I sat upright in my seat. Also it took them nearly 2 hours to get the inflight entertainment to work properly. This was going to be hell…

In the end I managed to get comfortable and caught a few hours sleep whilst Gen seemed to have no problems whatsoever (as usual) and managed to fall asleep straight away. We arrived in Dubai, had a quick look around the shops and then went straight to our gate to board the plane to Bangkok. When we got to the gate, I like the child I am was really excited, I’d seen out the window that the plane we would be flying on for the next 6hrs was a brand new sparkly Airbus 380. Now I am no geeky plane spotter but these planes are the new ‘double decker’ airbus and I thought that was pretty cool. (especially when booking the tickets i’d opted out of flying on the 380 as it was another 25 pounds each) I thought we’d been pretty lucky there and managed a flight on it and kept my 50 quid firmly in my pocket for beer money.

As we were stood in line waiting to have our boarding cards scanned… beep, beep, beep as the people in front went through, Gen was next…. Berrr… I’m stood behind thinking “that didn’t sound to good” the woman didn’t say anything and started flicking through a couple more boarding passes she had on the desk and then handed it to Gen. “Your being upgraded to Buisness Miss Davies”. Nice! I was thinking mine better bloody go… Berrr seeing as how I’m the one that bought the tickets. For some reason (i’m sure it was deliberate) the woman couldn’t get mine to scan first time. To my relief it then went Berrr and Gen and I walked down to our priority boarding line not quite believing that we’d managed to get a free upgrade…Again!!!

Boarding we were escorted upstairs… yes upstairs, and through first class which looked very swanky. We were expecting slightly larger seats with a bit extra leg room but no, it was virtually the same as first although with slightly less walnut veneer! Same drill as last time we were treated to reclining chairs, had our own flight attendent, three course meal of our choice the lot. Only this time there was a private lounge at the back with a bar and sofa type chairs. It was all very luxurious and a nice way to arrive in Bangkok and thankfully blood was able to circulate around my legs in these seats. Perhaps I’ve gone soft.

Landing in Bangkok we headed straight for Th Khao San road found a room and then headed straight out… 6 hours later we were heading home a little bit worse for wear having had a couple too many Beer Changs and a Bucket of Sang Som……

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