Palolem And Around

Arriving in Palolem and after a bit of trouble trying to find somewhere nice to stay we ended up in the Palolem Beach Resort. A great little place right on the beach.

So far we`ve spent our days realaxing on the beach and we`ve hired another scooter which we drive off to other beaches in search of some peace and quiet and trying to avoid the gypsys. Our scooter, which we named Jesus as it had a picture of Jesus and his name printed on the front took us to Agonda beach and also to Patnem beach both of which were deserted and we were the only ones on them. So we`d spend our afternoons chilling out on the beach and body surfing in the waves which has quickly become our new favourite thing.

We`ve given Jesus back now, but we might hire him again, its always a good feeling when your scooting along and cars are coming right at you. Your screaming “jesus” and every time you get by without even a wobble. The lord is on our side it would seem haha. Gen even had a go riding today with me sat on the back, at first i was scared to death but it turned out she was really good at it and i felt perfectly safe.

I`ll try to update this again soon, but for now thats it. Besides, i`ve got myself a hot date tonight 😉

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