Anjuna And Around

Getting up early to get to the airport didn`t seem all that bad as we were leaving Delhi and heading south to Goa and to the beach!!

After a rather smelly flight sat in front of a man with the stinkyest farts ever we landed in Goa airport. We had no idea where we wanted to go and so literally looked at the pre paid taxi stand and picked a beach checked it in the Lonely Planet and headed off. After an hour or so we arrived at Anjuna in the north of Goa, we looked around a few recommended guest houses but they were pretty shitty. As this was supposed to be the time for relaxing and calming down after the hectic few weeks travelling all the way from Nepal we looked at a couple of more decent ones and then we found Villa Anjuna. At twice the price we had to give ourselves a bit of a talking to to make us realise that it was still dirt cheap. This place was lovely though, there was a swimming pool and more importantly a bar right next to it. Our room had AC a TV and even hot water. It was real luxury compared to some of our earlier accomodation. We`d read that there was a good flea market and so decided to stay 3 days to check that out on our last day. As it happened it was only there in the peak season and so we were a bit pissed off because that was really the only reason we`d headed all that way north.

A day of lazing by the pool drinking ice cold Kingfishers and we soon chilled out and realised that this place was really nice and so we`d stay a couple of days. Two days became three and then four and so on. After a couple of days we decided to hire a scooter and go in search of a better beach as Anjuna didn`t have the best beach. We drove all over on our little scooter and checked out a few beaches south of us and then the next day drove north to Vagator. When we got there we were the only white people. We headed down the cliffs and were sat minding our own business sat on a rock within seconds we were surrounded by indians taking our picture and asking us to pose for photos with them. It was hilarious, at first they were trying to be sneaky about it by pretending to take pictures of stuff right next to us. Once i spotted this i just started taking pics of them and then they realised they were busted. After a few pictures we tried to make our escape but then the gypseys started trying to flog us pashminas and bracelets. Eventually we ran back up the cliffs i started the bike, Gen jumped on and we sped off…

We continued north for about another 40 minutes and then we arrived in Arambol, a much busier beach right at the very north of Goa. we went for a walk up the beach and then stopped in a beach bar for a drink enjoying the sunshine, looked around for a bit and then headed back to Anjuna. Many of our evenings in Anjuna were spent at shore bar which was a really cool beach bar and we had loads of good sunsets there too. After about 5 days in Anjuna we decided it was time to leave, said goodbye to everyone and got a taxi to the south of Goa, we almost felt a little sad to leave.

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