Having only left our hotel room to replenish the ever dwindling stock of loo roll and mineral water over the last three days it was good to finally wake up to find that Gen was feeling better. We`d not really been able to leave the room as she had got a bad dose of the Delhi Belly.

That day we were to catch the train back to Delhi in the evening and so had until 5pm to quickly cram in all the sights of Jaipur. This wasn`t really possible, but we had a bloody good go at it. The night before i`d met two crazy rickshaw drivers who said they would take us sightseeing for 100 rupees, this was very cheap and so naturally Gen and I smelled a rat, they wanted us to go to a few factories on the way. We both agreed and so set off on our busy day of sightseeing.

First up was a minaret (not sure on the spelling) We got there as it was opening and climbed to the top to get a great panoramic view of the walled pink city of Jaipur. There was a lovely cool breeze up at the top which was much needed after climbing to the top in the early morning heat. The guy explained to us all the points of interest and pointed them out and then it was back down to meet the crazy rickshaw drivers. We were then taken to a cenetaph where the maharajah was once buried with all his children who died from malaria… we quickly took our tablets. haha.

Then it was time to visit a factory and then another and another. 6 in total we visited. We weren`t too bothered though, the guys were honest enough about it and told us why they wanted us to go. We even got told by them that we should go in show some interest and then leave but we had to drag it out for 5 minutes. We were getting pretty good at this and soon enough they were happy and we were back sightseeing.

We saw the water palace and then went to Amber Fort. Gen started to feel a little out of breath and tired on the walk up to the fort so she sat in the courtyard as i went exploring. It was like a maze, corridoors and passageways leading off in all directions. I got well and truely lost and confused. It was all very interesting though and eventually i found my way back to the courtyard where Gen was sat with a couple of Indian guys chatting away. Turned out they`d been trying to sell her t shirts but after she`d told them she wasn`t interested they decided to sit with her and chat to her. They said that i looked like David Beckham which was just hilarious and then said i had beautiful hair….. now i was laughing alot.

Back in the rickshaw we headed back to Jaipur and took a look at the Palace of the winds which was pretty cool and then went to the Planetarium. It was then time to head back to the hotel grab our gear and get to the train station.

Now pro`s at catching trains we found our carriage boarded and a few hours later we were back in Delhi. As we we`re walking up Main Bazaar Gen and I were asked if we`d be in a Bollywood film the next day in Agra, we were tempted and the money would have been welcomed but we had a flight booked to Goa the next morning and we had already been to Agra and didn`t really want to go back. We declined the offer, checked into our hotel and went to bed.

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