Taj Mahal

Getting up early was really worth it this morning. We got up at 5:30 and walked around the corner to the east gate of the Taj. It was still dark but yet there was still a bit of a queue forming to get in to see sunrise and beat the majority of the crowds and especially them coach loads of pesky Japanese folk. haha.

After paying the extortionate 750 RS each and once through security we entered the outer wall of the Taj walked through an archway and then there it was, The Taj Mahal. It was pretty jaw dropping. It looks a lot bigger when your up close to it. There wasn`t much of a sunrise but it was nice to be there early whilst it was quiet and we saw the haze lift and watched the Taj start to glow a yellow colour as the sun rised over it.

We spent a few hours just starring at it taking a million photographs, but they just don`t do the place justice. We had a nosey round inside the Taj but its so dark in there and there are no lights, so you couldn`t really appreciate the insides. The outside though was still pretty spectacular. All the white marble inlayed with jasper, lapis lazuli and malachite in intricate patterns all the way up and around the Taj must have taken years to create.

As time passed by, the japs started arriving with their silly visors and umbrellas and so we decided to leave. But before we left we copied a few of their poses for a bit of a laugh. You`ll see them below..

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