A much more luxurious train brought us to Agra, it had air conditioning and food and everything.

Arriving in Agra we arranged with our rickshaw driver to take us sight seeing for the afternoon. First he took us to some temple, i forget the name but it wasn`t anything special so we were only there a few minutes before we headed to what the locals call the Baby Taj. I can kind of see the resemblance but not really. It was nice though and all made from white marble with very finely inlayed semi precious stones.

Leaving there we were taken to see the Taj Mahal from the far side of the river. This was our first glimpse of the Taj Mahal and i have to say from the far side of the river it looked small and just white, not that impressive at all. Still, we were looking forward to seeing it the next day.

We then went to see some of the “culture” he took us to a few factorys first was a marble one, it was actually pretty interesting watching these guys chiseling and carving these peices of marble into such small pieces. They let us have a go, but we were shite. Then we went to a carpet factory where we saw a guy hand weaving an indian rug, he did it so fast it was insane, it`d have taken me years to do what he could do in a month. Again they were very impressive. (karen, i`m not sure you were ripped off all that much in Tunisia.. turns out rugs are bloody expensive).

The factorys suddenly became shops, but we just politely declined a few times and then left. Finally we were taken to the Agra Fort. This place is massive, it was originally built in the time of the Moghul empire and as time went buy was turned from a fort, into a palace, into a jail and then into a place for the British army. Its now occupied by the Indian army and so you can`t see alot of it, but what we could see was pretty interesting. We spent a few hours wandering around the gardens before going back to the hotel for dinner and ANOTHER early night!!!! This is NOT normal.

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