Welcome To India!?!

It took a jeep, 3 buses, one of which i sat next to a Goat and a couple of Chickens,and a rickshaw but we finally made it to the border at Sounali. As we lugged all our gear off the bus we were instantly bombarded with offers of rickshaws over the border, but it was standing traffic so we decided we`d walk it. It was absolutely boiling and Sounali was a dirty, dusty and generally disgusting town with nothing nice to say about it at all. Right there and then I think we just wanted to turn round and head back to Nepal.

After a bit of confusion we finally found the Indian immigration which was just three old guys sat a bench shouting people over to stamp passports and check visa`s. They weren`t wearing uniforms or anything. It was all very strange but seemed to be legit so we got stamped and continued to walk down the road in search of some transport to Gorakhpur where we could then catch a train to Delhi.

Approaching the end of the street loads of Indian guys gathered around us hassling us to get rides with them to Gorakhpur and it was really pissing me off, i`d been up since 5:30 and travelling since 8, I was hot and tired and “Angry Dave” was close to coming out. In the end we struck a deal with some guys to take us in a jeep to Gorakhpur. There was about 10 of us all crammed into a jeep and we stopped millions of times as we careered down insanely bumpy roads horn blarring. Gen somehow managed to sleep but i couldn`t have been less comfortable and so didn`t get any sleep what so ever. Driving down those streets looking out the window, tired and grumpy, i was thinking, what the hell are we doing here, i want to be back in Nepal.

2hrs later we arrived at the train station in Gorakhpur, this really was a new experience, the guys just stared at Gen constantly and it was really wierd and the station seemed to be total chaos. We eventually found the booth we wanted and after alot of pushing and shoving i finally made it to the front of the queue, if you could have called it that!?! After asking for 2 tickets on the night train to Delhi that evening he just looked at me and said “no”. Not what i wanted to hear at all, `Angry Dave` was bubbling… Finally i discovered that the train was fully booked and so took the next available option…. in 24hours time. Arrrgh

It was at this point we looked at eachother and without saying a word whipped out the Lonely Planet found the first hotel and got straight there. Gorakhpur really is the arse hole of the world, Gen and I stayed in our room for 24 hours only ever left it to go downstairs to eat and then went straight back to our room. It was going to be a loooong day!

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