Paragliding in Pokhara

This morning we had a bit of a lay in… we got up at 9am!! Today we were going Paragliding.

It was obscenely hot this morning as we boarded our jeep to take us to Sarangkot. On the way up the mountain we were supposed to be able to have a spectacular view of the fish tail mountain and the rest of the Annapurna himalayan mountain range but as it was so hot it was rather hazey and there was a bloody great cloud over it. Gutted! Anyway, we made it to the top of the mountain after a lot of horn blasting and so it was time to check the conditions. The guys told us that is wasn`t quite ready for us to jump and that we should just do the Nepali thing and just chill out. We chilled out for a good hour or so and then with great urgency we started to get our gear on.

Gen was all ready to go and further down the hill than me so i naturally assumed she`d be going first. Wrong! next minute Amille (my guide) started telling me to walk and then run and then all of a sudden, we`d passed gen and we were airborne. It was really peacefull and serene as we glided around on the thermals. One minute we`d be soaring up into the sky, the next minute you`d be gently floating back down. It was really relaxing and just what we needed after the hot and stressfull bus journey the day before. Gen was soon up in the air after me and we were able to fly around taking pictures and enjoying the views.

We were up in the sky for about 40 mintutes before we landed next to Phewa Lake in Pokhara. It was so unbelievably hot once we landed, we hadn`t really realised that the breeze was having such a cooling effect on us. We spent the rest of the day shopping and trying to arrange some kind of Jungle Safari in the Royal Chitwan National Park, we still haven`t come to a decision yet but we are definitely going.

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