The Bus To Pokhara, Nepal

Got up early this morning to get the bus to pokhara. Aftre waiting around at the hostel tfor a while waiting to be picked up to go to the bus, we were getting a little worried, and then learned that the taxi driver we had booked `wasn`t feeling very well today` and therefore wouldn`t be picking us up after all! So we rushed to the bus station hopped on the bus, and off we went! It was hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, crampt…and only for 8 hours. Having booked a bus called `Greyhound Nepal` we were expecting it to be a little more comfortable. It felt like we would never arrive, what with the many near death hairpin bends on which our driver would over take another bus whilst honking his horn ferociously, or another buys would do the same to you. I managed to sleep some of the way, but dave had to hang half of his body out of the window as his shoulders were to wide for the seat! But we made it eventually and Pokhara is really calm compared to Khatmandu. Tomorrow we are going paragliding, and then onto Chitwan National Park, should be fun!

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