Having spent 7 hours on a plane to Doha, Qatar and having waited a further 6 hours in the airport before we could catch our flight to Khatmandu, we we`re both begining to feel a little tired and suddenly staying out all night on Thursday didn`t seem like such a good idea.

As we were boarding our plane to Khatmandu the guy took us to one side and told us we`d had our tickets upgraded…. we were flying first class all the way to Nepal. We sat down in our massive chairs and were brought over champagne and were given a menu for us to choose our dinner as we took off. Next thing we know we`re sat having a rather luxurious three course dinner whilst washing it down with free flowing champagne. I could get used to this. After dinner I thought i`d make the most of my reclining seat so set it to the bed position and had a real good nights sleep. We arrived in Khatmandu at about 8am this morning feeling refreshed and ready for action. We laughed to ourselves as two scruffy backpackers got off the plane before everyone in economy. Backpackers in first? Or were we now Flashpackers!?

Once we`d gone through all the usual visa and immigration stuff we collected our bags and left the terminal. The same old story, everyone desperately trying to get you to take their cab into town and offering you the best fare they could. In the end we settled for the free ride with Kapill. I love free!!!

Whilst in the cab Kapill chatted away and kept turning around with his big beaming smile and asking if we were ok. Arriving at the Khatmandu Guest House, he carried our bags in, sorted us out with some discount and showed us to our room. It seems like you can always get a `discount` in Nepal. Once we`d seen our room Kapill tok us to his friends Sanka`s. I desperately wanted to say “yo Sanka, ya dead” but didn`t think he`d have seen Cool Runnigs so decided against. Sat down with Sanka, Kapill rushed off to get us both a beer and we all chilled out in Sanka`s office having a beer and talking about Tax and the NHS of all things… Usually they are more interested in Manchester United! At least i knew something about the NHS and Tax though haha.

Then soon after came the business side of things.. They started suggesting tours and treks that we might like to do, but in fairness, weren`t pushy at all. In the end we left having booked an Everest flight and a bus to Pokhara in a few days time. I`d checked these prices in our Lonely Planet before hand and he`d only made about $5 off us in commision. Not too bad when he was buying the beers too. 😉 So tommorrow we`ve got an early start (5am) to catch our flight so i`m guessing that means we can`t sample too much of the countries beverages.

We`ve just been for a walk around the Thamel area of Khatmandu where we are staying and it is absolutely crazy, blarring horns of motorcycles as they come hurtling towards you from all angles. There are people everywhere trying to sell you Tiger Balm too. But the shops are just the most amazing array of brightly coloured jumpers, trousers, hats and mittens. We`re definitely going to have to do a bit of shopping in the morning.

For now thats about it, but keep checking for more news on our what is bound to be a brilliant and exciting few weeks in Nepal.

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