Homeward Bound

Having spent our last day in Phnom Penh sat under fans drinking ice cold Beerlao trying to keep cool, we packed our bags and booked our tuk tuk back to the airport. We were heading back to Bangkok so that we could catch the first of our flights back home.

Arriving back on the Khao San, Al and I headed straight back to our usual haunt… Wally House guest house. Asking for a room they tried to sell us the expensive ones to which we replied, “anything cheaper” she smiled and handed us a key and said, “same room as last time” haha Nice try ladies! Dropping our bags we did the thing Al and I had become best known for…. we went for a beer and started a party. Back on the Chang it wasn’t long before we were dancing in the streets, just like old times.

The following day we lounged around before we had to catch our coach back to the airport. Arriving airport tired and sad to be going home we boarded the plane and headed for Doha, Qatar.

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