Siem Reap, Cambodia

After a good nights sleep, helped along by a couple of Mekong Whisky Buckets, we woke up at 9:30 and stayed in bed for a bit longer deciding what we would do today. We’d read in the Lonely Planet that there was a Cambodian National Landmine Museum which was near to Angkor and so we figured we’d check that out. Reading that they had a walled garden which had landmines in for you to try and find… disabled ones of course, we thought it would be interesting.

We got out of bed and sat down for breakfast at the hostel, they claimed to do a full english breakfast so we ordered two and sat eagerly awaiting them. They arrived and they did not disappoint, i didn’t realise how much i had missed baked beans and brown sauce! we shot some pool after brunch and more by good luck and with the help of a slanted table… i won! 

Hiring the same bikes again, complete with broken mud guard, we braved the Cambodian traffic once again and headed out on the 6km ride to the museum. When we got there we couldn’t find it. Al went to ask someone and came back laughing, he’d had a chat with a lady who informed us that it was now 35 km away as it had moved. not fancying a 70km round trip in the blistering heat we laughed it off and headed back to town. The first time a Lonely Planet had let me down…. just a shame that it had cost us a very hot 12km round trip on a bicycle in Cambodia. haha.

Getting back to the guest house we hung out for a bit and then caught up on our blogs, still no pics though i’m afraid everyone. Just hope i will be able to get them off at some point!

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