NYE On Th Khao San

Having ended up in Bangkok when we were actually supposed to be in Vietnam, we went back to where we stayed the first time we we’re there and checked in and went pretty much straight to bed.

New Years eve we woke up and headed to the train station in hope of bookin ourselves on the night sleeper train to Vientiane in Laos. As per usual, we got there only to be told that there was seats available but not any sleepers. Knowing that it was at least a 12 hour train ride to the border we decided against the 2nd class seats and headed to the nearest Tourist Info and booked a VIP bus to Vientane.

That evening we had planned on going to a few bars and then a club to see in the New Year but in the end we just ended up partying all night in the middle of the street, occasionally nipping over to 7 eleven to buy more sang som to fill our bucket. The night was a bit of a blur really but was really good fun. We ended up partying with a load of Chinese girls until about 5 am before giving up and heading to bed.

New Years Day was spent visiting Wat Arun and generally just hanging about until our bus left that evening.

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