Kuala Lumpur

Ok, so we were at the train station and about to book our tickets to get the night train to KL but when we tried, the man in the booth told us that both the night trains were fully booked and that we wouldnt be able to leave for another couple of days. This was a problem, we had to get to KL to catch our flight to Bali. We ummed and ahhed a little, getting hotter by the minute our packs really begining to feel heavy now too. We both decided that we didnt want to stay in Singapore any longer as we knew there wasn’t anything to do and it was expensive so we walked out of the station and headed to an internet cafe. Sitting in this little interent cafe we trawled the internet for cheap flights leaving that night from Singapore to KL but there were none. We discovered that there was a reasonably cheap flight for about 35quid each leaving from Johor Barhu (in Malaysia) but because it departed in less than 24 hours we couldnt book online…..

Hmm.. We decided to try to get to Johor in time to catch the flight, grabbed our stuff and walked quickly to the nearest MRT station. Changing trains a few times we ended up as close to the border as we could get by train. We then caught a bus to the causeway, and ran inside to the immigration desks, forgetting it was rush hour until we saw the masses pushing to get their passports stamped and leave Singapore. It seems that we aren’t the only people desperate to leave this country!! Finally through we head down some steps and do some Malaysian style que jumping to get us onto the next bus crossing the causeway into Malaysia. The bus then stops and we all dash for the malaysian immigration this time….

Finally in malaysia, everything suddenly seemed more chilled out, we caught yet another bus not really sure where it was heading and whilst i was sat on the floor of this bus i realised that we had missed the flight anyway. Change of plans again… we figured we’d go to the airport in hope of purchasing a ticket for first thing in the morning. The bus we were on then pulls into a bus depot and we were all kicked off. Having no clue where we were I got off the bus and was waiting for Al when this Malaysian bloke walks over, “where you go mate, you go KL, I have space on my bus… super VIP, come on” I follow him over and he gives me a ticket. I’m asking him how much it costs and he just keeps smiling & nodding saying “yeah, yeah KL”. We thought what the hell got on the bus and paid the 35RM (which is 5quid) and off we went.It wasn’t long before we both fell asleep feeling knackered after having our packs on our backs for the last 5 hours whilst trying to leave Singapore. A little while later the bus stops and i look out of the window and say to Al “I think we’re here mate”, Al’s like “nah, we cant be its only midnight”. Next minute the crazy bus driver comes over and says “KL”.

A little bit shocked and still half asleep we got off laughing that we had actually arrived 8hours earlier than planned. We dug out the Lonely Planet to find a hostel when another guy walks past and asks us if we are looking for somewhere to stay. First we were like no we know where we’re going and then i just gave in and said yes becuase it was late and we were both tired. Turned out to be a pretty cool hostel in the end and cheap too.

The next morning, well afternoon, we woke up and went in search for somewhere to help us sort out our Vietnam visa’s (our next problem). With no joy we spent the rest of the day wandering about KL listening to carol singers and catching a film called ‘I am legend’ in the evening. Oh and i have never been so scared in my life, scared the shit out of me! haha.

Our final day in KL we got up early and headed to the Petronas Towers to bag ourselves a free ticket to go to the sky bridge. After a few hours of pushing and shuving we got ourselves some tickets for 6:30pm and met an english girl called Jo too. We all decided to hang out together whilst we had to wait for our trip up the towers anyway and so consulted the bible and found that there was some caves out of the city which were supposed to be of interest. These caves, Batu Caves are Hindu shrines and to walk up to the main cave there were 272 very very steep steps. we made it though and i’d like to say it was worth the walk but it wasnt really. We headed back to the city hung about for a bit and went up the towers. I felt like Sean Connery from Entrapment and wanted to run around and then jump down a ventilation shaft to get me to the bottom but thought it might be frowned upon so caught the lift like everyone else.

After that was over the three of us went for dinner at a little Indian place and then went our separate ways. Caught a few hours sleep and then got a cab to the airport.

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