Uncle Tan’s, Borneo

Back in KK we checked into the same hostel and chilled out there until Chloe and Dip arrived. The following day we caught a coach up through the mountains to Uncle Tan’s B&B near to Sepilok on the east coast of Borneo.

After some great food laid on for us by the staff we tried to unwind after what can only be described as a hair raising coach journey, up and down, extremely narrow twisty roads with sheer drops on either side of the road. Most of which had crash barriers on either side….. with GIANT holes in where some people had obviously not been quite so lucky!!! The next morning we got up and headed to Sepilok to see the Orang Utan’s… the minute we got there it started pouring with rain and so Al and I got soaked to the skin. It was well worth it though, we saw loads of Orang Utan’s and they all looked so gracefull swinging along through the rain forest canopy.

That afternoon, we got a mini bus to the Kinabatangu River and then all jumped onto a boat headed down stream towards Uncle Tan’s Jungle Camp. By now it was getting dark and the mozzies were out in full force, we could see them all flying around on the surface of the river. Sure enough, as soon as we got off the boat they started attacking us, little bastards! Our backpacks arrived on another boat and it was now completely pitch black and it had started to rain. We had a little trek through the jungle to get to camp… however the path was ankle deep in thick mud and not many of us had torches. After ducking under trees, nearly falling over a few times and feeling the mud squelching between my toes, we finally arrived at camp. We had a little open front hut between 5, a matress on the floor and a mozzie net. That was it… basic… but it was good enough. That night we had a quick briefing and were then told that if we wanted we could borrow some wellies. There was no question… we got them. We then went back down to the river to go on a night safari by boat. We saw mostly birds, Kingfishers and Owls (not to mention two owls having sex… it was interesting), we did see a few eyes of crocs poking out of the water, but by the time you got close they’d dissappear. A few hours later we returned to the camp and hit the sack.

The next day at 6am the camp leader, Yan, came by our huts screaming ‘morning safari’, we all got up hiked to the boats and set off down the river once again. It was much better in the morning and we saw Probosics Monkeys, Kingfishers, Crocs and some Orang Utans. They said that it was very rare that you saw Orang Utan’s from the river. Maybe 1 a month we were told… we saw 3 that morning. Getting back to camp, we had breakfast and then set off on a jungle trek. This walk was supposed to be only 800m…. we we’re out for well over 2 hours and walked alot further than 800m. Not that we minded thought, it was really fun trekking through the swamps, our wellies filling up with stinky swamp water, all the time watching out for leaches. Our guide found us Milipedes, Centipedes, Lizzards, Scorpions, Squirrels and a few other things. When we were trekking through the jungle the rain came though and we all got pretty wet… it rained hard for the rest of the day and by the time we made it back to camp the water level had risen a good 3m and was fast approaching the camp.

That night, we were supposed to go on a night trek in the jungle, but i was already soaked to the skin, and it hadn’t stopped raining and so decided not to go in the end. I spent the evening teaching a Dutch guy how to play shit head and then he proceeded to kick my ass at it.. grr beginners luck!

Our final day started the same way as the others, being woken up by Yan shouting. We headed to the boats and went off looking for wildlife yet again. We saw pretty much the same stuff that we had seen the previous day, but it was still exciting when you spotted something in the distance. By now, Al and I were getting pretty good at spotting stuff so it made it even more fun.

A few hours later we headed back to the Mini Bus and then back to Uncle Tan’s B&B before catching the coach back to KK. Arriving back in KK we noticed there was a Christmas nativity on in the city so we watched a bit of that before heading back to shower and crash out. we we’re shattered.

We flew to Singapore the next day and had planned to catch the night train to Kuala Lumpur that day… but all was not as it seemed.

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