Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo

Arriving in Kota Kinabalu (KK) we were hoping for better weather and loads of things to do. Flying in over Sabah was amazing, lush green rain forests and also Mt Kinabalu  poking thorough the top of a cloud. It certainly looked a little more interesting than the urban jungle that was Singapore.

Once through immigration we asked someone what the cheapest way into town was and were told taxi and it would cost 20 ringitt. Not to bad when you consider it roughly 7 to the pound. However we were having none of it… every airport has some kind of shuttle bus leaving the terminal for the city. I mean, even Nadi airport in Fiji does and thats a shed on a piece of tarmac!! Asking someone who clearly wasn’t trying to flog us a taxi they said that the cheapest way was a mini bus, but when we asked where they left from she pointed to the main road and walked off. Al and I walked to the road and then started heading toward what we thought was the city looking for a stop. There was none. Next minute a guy screams up along side us in a mini bus hooting his horn and the door swung open. We asked “how much?”, “2 ringitt” was the reply….. thats more like it. Backpacking on a budget!

After a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing we eventually found the hostel we were looking for and settled in for the night. The following morning we woke up and headed out, it was really hot well into the 30’s and really humid. We had been talking of  heading to Brunei to check that out and so went up to the ferry terminal to work out times and prices etc before making a decision. We then wandered around the city for a while visiting the markets looking at all the on the museum idea in the end and walked around the heritage village looking at the long houses instead. Getting a taste for what it would have been like in Sabah in years gone by. As it was getting late we started to walk back to the hostel as it was cooling down and then we spent the night in the hostel chilling out as we’d decided to go to Brunei and the boat left at 8am.

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