Singapore Sling… Your Hook!

Hot, humid, expensive & rain. They are the four words i would use to explain Singapore.

We got off the plane and as soon as we got out of the airport we noticed it was raining, its not stopped since! ( We caught the MRT to the city and then got off at our stop, Little India. We’d decided to stay here because it was the cheapest place in Singapore. Still, it may be cheap but certainly not as cheap as the little room we stayed in above the chinese in Phuket. However it was more like a proper hostel, with dorm rooms and everything.

The plan had been to arrive drop our bags and then go and see some of the sights but it was pouring it down so we decided against and headed to a backpackers pub just down the road. Whilst having a couple of beers we met a few Ozzies and a Welsh bloke and arranged to meet up with them later that night. Al and I headed to the nearest (cheapest) Indian we could find had a nice curry and then met back at the bar where we spent the next few hours chatting and listening to some live music. She was really good and so it was a nice way to just hang out with some guys and enjoy a beer.

This morning we got up to do the sights as we had planned, but yet again it was raining. This time though we thought stuff it and ran to the MRT searching out every little bit of shelter we could find. First stop was the Merlion (half mermaid half lion) This has something to do with a myth that involves a sunken city and the discovery of it. It was all a little vague and so we left a little confused. Hiding from the rain under a bridge we eventually made it to the museum of Asian Culture. Realising it was $10 to get in we decided against it and just did the free bit. It was pretty interesting reading about what Singapore used to be like. When we left the sun was shining and it had turned into a lovely day…. NO i’m kidding it had gotten worse.

Again hiding under every bit of shelter we could we walked to Raffles and had a nosey around there. We considered buying Singapore Slings until we saw the price! S$21 for a cocktail. After walking around a million and one shops avoiding the rain we got bored and went in search of a cinema. Turns out this seems to be the cheapest thing to do in Singapore and between us it cost S$19.. less than one cocktail!!!

2hrs later we emerged from the cinema and now it was warm, dry but humid. I suggested that maybe we walked back as we would see things that we had missed this morning. We got about 300m from the cinema and it started raining again. Finding the nearest MRT station we got the tube back to Little India and walked back to the hostel.

Singapore is ok, its just so expensive. Unless your buying electronics its really pricey and the rain has just made it less attractive to me. We’re off to Borneo in the morning so i’m hoping for better weather, cheaper beer and a bit more to do.

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