Phi Phi Islands

Spending our first night in Phi Phi catching up on our blogs and trying to plan some sort of route for the coming week, we went to bed early with hope that we would wake up early. We wanted to get up early enough to get up to the view point  whilst it was still fairly cool and also sort out a trip to Phi Phi Lei.

We both woke up around 6am but didnt get up until nearer 8am. We set off up what looked to be a few steps, only to discover there were a few more… then a few more… and then some more. Finally making it to the top of the steps in panting, sweaty mess’s we then followed the trail to the top. It didnt take us all that long but we were knackered by the time we made it to the top. The walk was worth it though…what a view. It was amazing. You could see right down onto the sand spit where we were living and see the beautiful clear blue sea. We took a million photos and then had an ice cream before starting the walk back down. Getting back was a lot easier than getting up.

After a much needed cold shower we lounged around and went for a walk down the beach before catching our sunset cruise to Phi Phi Lei. What i didnt mention was that in between us getting to the view point and this cruise we’d had a tropical rain storm and one hell of a wind had whipped up. Typical brits, not bothered by a bit of wind and rain we got on the boat and off we went. One very very choppy ride later we arrived at a little bay on the sheltered side of Phi Phi Lei where we went snorkelling & kayaking. The snorkelling was much better than any that we’d done already and the visibility was great. I swam around looking at the fish and saw a few odd looking ones i’d not seen before. As i was heading back to the boat i was pottering along staring at this funny hovering fish until for some reason i lifted my head out the water to see people pointing. I then looked down to see the BIGGEST Jelly fish i have ever seen. It was a good 2 feet in size. Now, i F**king hate jellyfish and refuse to get in the water if i see one, and i had come inches away from swimming right into it. I was definitely getting out now… but not before i had taken a picture. Fair play, i don’t like them but they look pretty cool.

We then sailed round to Maya Bay where the beach was filmed and chilled out on the beach before heading back to the boat to watch the sunset. We were served dinner and some drinks and then they switched off the engines and put on some really laid back music on and we watched as the sun went down. It was a really cool trip in the end and was cheap cheap as well!

That evening we went out for a couple of beers and bumped into Dip and Chloe again so hung out with them for a bit before getting an early night so that we would be up in time for the ferry to Phuket. (No.. this time we didnt get drunk and swap our ferries haha)

Now we are in Phuket and well… its pretty shitty compared to Ao Nang and Phi Phi, on a plus note though we are staying in a really cheap room that works out to be 85p per night! Gotta love the “cheap cheap” stuff! ;o)

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