Ton Sai

After one final night out with the Thai’s me and Al woke up early to catch our ferry to Phi Phi. Before. I say woke up, we didnt actually sleep, they kept us up and gave us what can only be described as concentrated red bull. We were high as kites for hours. before we left for Phi Phi we went to see Ponsak and say goodbye. Turns out when we had been drunk the previous night we’d cancelled our ferry so that we could go party with everyone for the kings birthday. Hmm….. not to worry though we got on a boat and headed to Ton Sai which was a really cool hippy style resort with no roads (or Police) so as you can imagine, there is a lot of partying going on.

Whilst trying to re arrange our accomodation in Phi Phi some english girls asked us if we wanted to go on a snorkelling trip. We thought why not and so spent the afternoon on a long boat snorkelling in a few different spots. Unfortunately though the wind picked up and so the visibility was pretty crap. We then went to Koh Poda to have some dinner and watcht the sunset over Ton Sai. It wasn’t the best trip but it gave us something to do i suppose.

Last night we were hanging out at this cool beach bar when we bumped into Omdip and Chloe again and so had a few quiet beers with them, before i tried Fire Poi… it was pretty scary, but good fun.

This morning I woke up early (with no burns) got a long boat back to Ao Nang and caught the ferry to Phi Phi. (This time we didnt get drunk and re arrange it). it was absolutely boiling on the ferry here and has been the same since. We saw the first bit of rain for over a week today… it was a bit of a suprise, but nice and refreshing. Since we’ve been here, we’ve already bumped into the Australians and the Swedish we met in Bangkok and Omdip and Chloe arrive tomorrow so we’ll probably end up going out with them tomorrow night. An early night is required tonight!

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