One Hell Of A Party

After becoming friendly with the thai people that work at the bungalow and their friends they said they would come out and party with me and Al to celebrate his birthday… 2 days later and we are still partying!!!!!

The first night we got some beers from the 7 eleven and then sat at the bungalows drinking. The two of us having a quiet beer soon became four, then five, then eight then i lost count. There was just Al and I sat outside the bungalow with a load of Thai people getting very strange looks from westerners walking by obviously thinking that we were paying for their time haha. Next minute Noi appears with all the ingredients to make some buckets. We made Al down one and then thats when the party really started…. We later ended up in Lunar Bar until the wee hours before heading home for a few hours sleep.

Next morning we wake up and decide to have a lazy day. We’re laying on our beds listerning to music when Noi and Kuwai appear at the door. “Where you go?” we said we just resting and doing nothing. They said they would take us to the market to buy food so we agreed, hopped on the scooter and buzzed off to the markets. Turns out they had all decided to throw us a massive BBQ at the bungalow. After arriving back with lots of vegetables, shrimps, beef, chicken and white snapper they started preparing the food and told us they would come and find us when it was ready. When we got to the tables, they had put them all together, laid cloths picked flowers and put them in a pot on the table and everything. Soon there was absolutely loads of food on the table which looked and smelled delicious. We all gathered around and tucked in sharing out beers and having a great time laughing and joking. It was a really cool experience. We were eating traditional home cooked Thai food all fresh and were now laughing and joking eating the best food i’ve had here.

A little while later, we bumped into Chloe and Omdip who are english and staying at our bungalow, they joined our party and soon us four and all the Thai’s were in Lunar bar having one hell of a party. When Lunar Bar closed, Paul (not his real name, but the westernised version),the guy who owns the bungalow told me and al to get in a tuk tuk with him and he’d take us to another club, a thai club.. We drove for a little while before pulling up outside. we walked in and got a few suprised looking faces. we were the only westerners in there.  Turned out to be a really cool night.

This morning we heard a knock at the door and then all of a sudden these two Thai girls walk in and sit on our beds and start asking us to go to the beach with them today. As per usual we agreed and so headed to the beach with all the Thai’s and also the two english girls. We asked people what their plans were tonight and everyones response was the same….. “we’re going to get pissed with you two.” It seems we’ve got a bit of a reputation, everywhere we go people know our names and even at the beach people shout Als name and give us a wave. Its hilarious. We’re heading to Phi Phi tomorrow but the boat leaves at 8:30 and there is a good chance we’ll miss it. I don’t think they want us to leave…. then again… i’m not sure i want to!

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