Ao Nang

First day in Ao nang has been great as i expected. Its become quite a bit different in the past 12 months, lots more tourists, shops etc etc. Bit of a shame but its still a fun place though.

This morning, we woke up with no headaches, no loud noise, no tuk tuks, just peace and quiet, and our room isn’t bad either. Its a bit like a zoo though and there are various forms of wildlife in there with us. We got up and went to sort out some accomodation for christmas in Bali and then headed down to the beach. Its been dead hot here today and so we were looking forward to a bit of a swim. We looked for a quiet spot but it was busy, we got to the end of the beach and saw a rickety board walk. Not knowing where it lead we thought we’d go find out. After laughing at a lot of monkeys playing in the trees and a couple of them shaggin like rabbits we scaled the side of this cliff face on the steep rickety thing. It was a bit scary in places but it was all worth it. It lead to a great secluded bay which was really quiet and there was no one around really. So, we just lay down the towels and enjoyed a day of sunbathing and swimming.

We aren’t going to go out late tonight as its Al’s birthday tomorrow so i can imagine that will result in us meeting the Chang monster again and also a strong possibility of us having a few buckets of cocktails! oops

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