Bangkok Day 3

After heading out for a few beverages Al and I bumped into some Swedish people who asked us if we wanted to go have some more drinks. So, we ended up in a club on the Khao San. We didn’t really do anything too crazy, however we did buy a pair of silly hats of the “lucky lucky” ladies.

We woke up the next morning feeling pretty fresh and so got up and went for a walk. We ended up at the Grand Palace so went for a walk around there and then visited Wat Pho. Wat Pho is a massive reclining buddha inside a temple not so far from the Palace. It was pretty impressive, but we were so hot that we thought we’d leave, get an ice cream and walk back to the room as we had to catch the mini bus to the airport at 3pm.

3pm arrives and there are four of us waiting for the mini bus all with big backpacks. The next minute this taxi pulls up and tells us he’s here to take us to the airport. All a bit confused as to how we were all going to fit in the taxi, we watched as the taxi driver beat the living crap out of my pack trying to get it in the boot. In the end he gave up and put it in between the two front seats. Al ended up sat in the middle of the back seat with a leg either side of it haha.

A really quick flight later, we landed in Krabi. It was 6:30 but it was still extremely hot. Hotter than it had been in Bangkok for the last few days. We were met by this little old dude who didnt speak a word of english but had a board with my name on. We hopped in the back of his car and after a rather scary half hour drive we pulled up in Ao Nang to be greeted by Ponsak. “Alright Mate” was his way of greeting me, he asked how my last trip went and then started taking the piss, telling Al that the whole time i was here last year I was drunk.  How rude!! He showed us to our room and after a nasty fall down some stairs with my pack on i wobbled into the room and lay on the bed! Finally we could shower, we’d not been able to shower in BK as the shower didnt work so we must have smelled disgusting (I think we got used to it, we didnt think we smelled too bad!?!?)

After a refreshing cold shower we headed out to Lisa Bar, this time to be greeted by one of the girls shouting “long time since you were last here, last time you very drunk all the time” I dont know where they get it from, it must be a conspiracy! After some much needed Chang’s and a few games of pool we headed to Amy Bar. There were lots of dancing girls and they were all really chatty and friendly. I got chatting to a girl from Laos (Laos girl) and then some other randoms. A few games of Connect 4 later we were walking down to centre point to have a couple more Chang when Laos girl shouts “Dave, where you go?” We told her we were going to centre point and she said her and her friend would take us on their scooters. It was as easy to walk but we got on for the free ride anyway.

We finally get back to our room and as we are coming in two other thai girls who are on holidays here started trying to get us to go to to Lunar Bar with them. Obviously we went and after the four of us piling onto one scooter we got there had a beer and drove back. It was all a bit random but funny. Seems like we are getting a reputation already!


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