Bangkok Day 2

After doing my blog yesterday Al and I went back to our room and lay on our beds…. next minute we woke up and it was 11pm. So we didn’t meet the australians in the end at all. That didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves though. We headed out at 11:30 and a few beers later we tried to work out what time it was only to discover it was 4:30am. After some Pad Thai from a street vendor and a nice chat with a couple of Thai hookers we went back to bed.

This morning we woke up bright and early and tried to work out what we wanted to do. Not being sure we thought we’d grab a tuk tuk to the MBK (shopping centre) and then we’d just ‘freestyle’ and see where we ended up. In the end we got chatting to this tuk tuk driver called moon. Initially he wanted to take us to all the places we went yesterday visit lots of fashion houses and not take us where we wanted to go. After much discussion we agreed to go to one Fashion house so that he could get his free fuel coupon and then he’d take us to the MBK.

As we we’re en route to the MBK a guy shot accross the road in front of us and the tuk tuk along side us. All of a sudden we hear this allmighty screech of tires, then a thud, then nothing. As the driver jumped out of his tuk tuk  we slowly passed by. For one brief moment Bangkok seemed to stand still. In front of the tuk tuk was a man laying sprawled on the road eyes with a vacant stare, not moving, not breathing… nothing… just blood. Moon our driver pulled over to sort of pull himself together i guess, a second later and it would have been us. Phew. He asked me if i thought the guy was dead. ‘erm.. yeah’ was my reply. A little shocked we headed off down the streets at a much slower pace, chatting with Moon about allsorts. I made a mistake by asking about his tuk tuk.. “how much to buy your tuk tuk?”. (Al and I had talked about buying one and drving it home for a laugh.. we we’re drunk at the time of course) Turns out they only cost 1400 quid. We then start hearing stories of Moon’s friend who has modified his tuk tuk so it does 150kmph and does wheelies and he can drive it on two wheels too…. at this point Moon starts getting a bit excited and starts driving faster. Luckily we arrived at the MBK… still alive.

We walked around there for a while before catching the sky train down to the river. We then caught a river taxi back towards the Khao San. We stumbled upon a really nice little street with bar’s and cheap cheap Chang so we’re heading over there for tea in a bit. We’re doing a bit more sightseeing tomorrow morning before flying down to Ao Nang tomorrow night. So far its been a pretty interesting two days, we’ve visited fashion houses… had a good bit of banter with the locals, chatted to some hookers.. oh yeah and seen a guy get run over and killed. Only in Bangkok hey!?


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