Back In Bangkok

Twelve months and two weeks ago I had just arrived in Bangkok and was full of nervous excitement as to how i would fare backpacking around the world……Now i’m back in Bangkok and what is there to say…. Its still chaotic, smelly, fast paced and full of annoying people shouting “Tuk Tuk” at me although this time i’m not nervous at all, i’m just excited!!!

After what seemed like an eternity sat on the plane from Manchester, we arrived in Doha (Qatar), changed planes and then set off again to Bangkok. Finally arriving here last night at around 6pm we got a coach into the city and got off just off the Khao San Road. We were both pretty tired and ready for some food and some sleep. We had picked out the cheapest hostel we could find in our lonely planets and when we arrived it was a building site. I know its cheap, but thats taking the piss a little. Some little Thai fella shouts over and tells us to follow him to another “cheap cheap place” When we got there we realised it certainly is cheap cheap. 90baht each per night. Its what you might call basic, those of you who have seen the film the Beach. The place we are staying looks just like that hostel he stays in in Bangkok. Its perfect for us though.. it has 2 beds and a roof!

We went to a little place on the Khao San and ordered ourselves a large Chang and a Penang Curry… perfect! After dinner we said we’d go for a quick beer somewhere else and then get an early night. I’m sure you all know where this is going. As per usual with all my travelling stories i ended up chatting to a load of Australians getting a few free beers and rolling out of a night club at 4am. Happy Times!

This morning I woke up in our room wondering where the hell Alan was only to look besided my bed and see him laying curled up on the floor in the tiny gap in between the two beds. When he woke up i asked him why on earth he was on the floor.. his reply “I don’t know… i don’t even remember coming in”. Both of us soon realised that the Chang monster had given us a ‘welcome to Thailand hangover’ and so after a little moaning and groaning we got up and set off on a little walk.

After being harrassed a million times by people shouting “Tuk Tuk” we finally gave in and bartered our way down to 5 baht for the day. He said he would take us wherever we wanted to go if we visited a few tailors for him. We thought yeah ok and so hopped onto our tuk tuk and zoomed off down a busy Bangkok road. First stop was a giant standing buddha, we took our time walking about  and when we were ready we found our friendly tuk tuk driver and we zoomed off again. After visiting a few temples it was time to do him a few favours and so we stopped at a tailors….. We were lead into a back room and told to sit down, as he closed the door  behind us i was thinking…”what the F**k”. Sure enough though this guy was fine and started chatting away to us about football Alan was doing all the footy talk whilst i was scouting for a possible exit route (haha just kidding) My attention was fading though as i don’t know anything about football. Not that it mattered though because now it was time for the hard sell. He starts going on about suits, telling us he could get them shipped home, showing us all his order forms etc etc etc. We sat looking interested and then went… “nah we’re ok cheers” he thanked us and then lead us out of the building and we were greeted by our friendly driver again. He then took us to another tailors, we walked in they asked us if we wanted a suit, said no and then they threw us out. We were in there less than 2 minutes. We laughed to ourselves jumped back in our tuk tuk and headed over to the marble palace.

After having a look around the palace, we came out and looked for our driver and the cheeky bugger had done one, Lucky we didn’t pay him then!! Not to worry, we found another driver who was willing to take us… only this time he was asking for 10 baht, we joked with the guy saying we wanted it cheap cheap and in the end he laughed and went “I’ll take you for free if you visit a fashion house”. We agreed and got into his rather old looking Volvo which was like a sauna and headed to the fashion house. When we arrived we were sat down, offered a beer and everything. They tried to double team us this time, 2 on 2. Still, it didn’t work and 5 minutes later we strolled out the door and got back in the boiling hot volvo and headed over to the Golden Mountain.

He dropped us off at the bottom and told us he wasn’t going to wait and then left us to it. We walked up the steps got to the top took a picture and walked back down. it wasn’t really worth a visit but its free so what the hell eh!? We walked back to the Khao San whilst munching on some pineapple and that lead me in here to do my blog. Not a lot else to say really, we’ve had a pretty fun day laughing and joking with the Thai’s, flying down busy streets on the back of a tuk tuk and visiting lots of fashion houses.

We are supposed to be meeting the same Aussies tonight at 7:30… it looks like the Chang monster might visit me again!


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